“As far as Southern Gothic Horror goes, this bad boy is top of the heap.” -Paperback Horror


During the 1980s, the stink of evil permeates like bad cologne throughout Verney County, Mississippi. Hellhounds and demoniacs have taken up residence, hurtin’ on folks and gettin’ mean. But there’s one feller they didn’t count on. Bucky Dennis—high school football star, Vietnam veteran, and divorced father of two.

“Bucky’s the slack-jawed, bayou bubba that don’t take guff.”

After a botched insurance sale to a British stockbroker turned werewolf, Bucky stirs from his post-war decomposition and crippling apathy only to be baptized in hellfire. With a five-fingered Buick and a .44 named Harriet, Bucky delves into the dark side of the unknown and uncovers a devilish plot for the world’s undoing.

212 Pages of Pulp Fiction Paperback Collections.

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The Gospel of Bucky Dennis

The Gospel of Bucky Dennis on Amazon Kindle

The reviews are in...

“If your looking for a fast-paced action/horror mashup with one badass mofo battling monster, demons, and other worldly creatures The Gospel of Bucky Dennis by J.R. Parks is a must read.” – Destroy the Brain!

As far as Southern Gothic Horror goes, this bad boy is top of the heap. It’s rare, these days, to come across a first novel by an author gifted with such lyrical prowess…Sit tight folks, this one sparks real fast, and doesn’t let up. Hooah!”
- Paperback Horror

The true essence is the rather intimate association and insight the reader gets with Bucky himself. The character becomes as familiar as an old friend from school, or those raggedy old pair of holey trainers you’ve owned for the past decade or so (the latter probably more so).” – The Truth About Books

“Full of classic Southern imagery, this book pulled up memories of summers spent playing along red dirt roads, and porch-sitting after a fine Sunday dinner. I can’t wait to see what else J.R. Parks has to offer; I don’t think for one minute we’ve seen the last of Verney, Mississippi.”
- Laughing Bones

About the Author

J. R. Parks, also known as ‘James’, was born at 11:11 on the 22nd of September in the hot, dry town of Mission Viejo, California. James was weaned on monster flicks, ghost stories, lightsabers, and fairy tales, has seen Jaws nearly a hundred times, and can’t get enough of 80s nostalgia. The Gospel of Bucky Dennis is a collection of short stories, each of which pays tribute to the heroes of horror.


James is also co-author of Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo with award winning cartoonist, Ben Costa.