‘Bucky Dennis’ reviewed by The Truth About Books



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Got to enjoy an ‘extremely’ cool review of ‘Bucky Dennis’ last night. Figured I’d post some experts from it for everyone. Its interesting to see people’s reactions to the book and thus far I’ve been pretty blessed to find folks enjoying it. The Truth About Books is an online review… (more)

6S: “The Dead Man Charlie Wake”



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“Make no mistake—Charlie Wake is dead. Old Charlie took a musket ball in Arkansas and slept for thirty years under a hill called Churubusco. Weren’t ‘til times were hard at home that he woke by way of wonder; we figure’d it weren’t ‘til times was dark he had a reason…. (more)

Six Sentences: “The Girls of Wolverton Mountain”



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Ain’t no roads without a bramble patch that lead to Wolverton yonder. Ozark crags breech the ruffled green like coffins disentombed by muddy earth. Porch-lights peek from smoky veils and rotten beehives dribble from the eaves of wooden shanties. You hear singing sometimes, way back in the old thickets; you… (more)

Six Sentences: “Captain Cole’s Gibbet”



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Iron locked and rivet bound, the good Captain swung with style. The papers called him ‘Cole’ but he weren’t much for naming. He peered beyond flat bars, glancing from the shabby cowl of his wide brimmed hat; his face was pale with ash. Some kiddies by a wishless well stared,… (more)